Fly a drone in France for foreigners and regulations

//Fly a drone in France for foreigners and regulations

Fly a drone in France for foreigners and regulations

January 30th, 2017 – Date of the last modification: February 20, 2017.

drone rules in France 1You are foreigner and you want to fly a drone in France for recreation purposes or as professionnal. Ensuring people and other aircraft are under your responsibility. For this reason, you should check before if your insurance covers you for your practice in France.
The French authorities for aerial transports (DGAC) propose a summary of the ten rules to use a drone for recreation purposes in France. We propose you the 10 rules, the document as PDF file to download and an interactive aero map with a legend to know where to fly as recreation user. As professional drone pilot or operator you could find informations, at the end. When in doubt, ask for more information (contacts list below).

In France, the improper use of a drone in direct violation of the rules set to ensure safety is liable to one year of imprisonment and to a 75.000 euros (US $ 80.166) fine under Article L. 6232-4 French code of transport. Flying over a restricted or prohibited area with a drone is liable to one year jail, to 45.000 euros (US $ 48.101) fine and to drone confiscation under Articles L. 6232-12 and L 6232-13 code of transport.

Fly a drone in France for recreation purposes by French DGAC authorities

drone rules in France 1

Download this document: Use of drone for recreation purposes, of 2 pages as PDF file

Interactive aero map and limitations of flying drones in France for recreation purposes

This interactive aero map below where you can navigate (Use your mouse and the + and -) has been made to facilitate the identification of aeras authorized or not overflying.

This interactive aero map available online on (IGN) groups together, in a simplified and easily understandable way, the aeras of the French metropolitan territory where flights of drones are subject to prohibitions or restrictions “permanently”. Dedicated to the general public, it therefore constitutes a simplification for those who have not acquired an “aeronautical culture”. “The attention of the users is particularly drawn to private heliports (private helicopter zone) which do not appear in its current version, and the outline of the agglomerations which is provided as an indication. The coverage of overseas regions (DOM-COM) should be proposed subsequently. The integration of restricted areas created temporarily is also being studied”says the DGAC.
In the meantime, to view all areas created temporarily, It is still appropriate to consult the French Aeronautical Information Service website.

aero map legend

Specific authorizations for foreign professional drones pilots or operators in France

The aerial pictures market with drones (“activités particulières” in French) is open to foreign drones pilots or operators in France under certain conditions:

Cases for Specific authorizations for foreign professional drones pilots or operators in France
  • F1-A.Practice by a foreign professional drones pilot or operator of a drone IN VIEW in a NON-PEOPLE area under S1 scenario;
  • F1-B. Practice by a foreign professional drones pilot or operator of a drone IN VIEW in a PEOPLE area under S3 scenario;
  • F1-C. Practice by a foreign drone pilot or operator of an out-of-sight drone in a NON-PEOPLE area.

Prerequisites for specific authorizations for foreign professional drones pilots or operators in France
The foreign drone pilot or operator must be authorized by its originating authority (National Authority in charge of safety aviation) to carry out similar operations using unmanned aircrafts (drones). In addition, its aircraft must be equipped in accordance with French regulations.
CERFA Form: #R5-TAAG-6-F1 (PDF Version of 15 September 2016)
Parts to be supplied in addition with the CERFA form

  • Document of the authority of the country of the professional drone pilot or operator attesting that the drone pilot is capable of operating an unmanned aircraft (drone);
  • Operating manual of the drone (s) used;
  • Theoretical aeronautical skills of the drone pilot;
  • Professional insurances;
  • Place / ground plane (aeronautical map or other);
  • Zone of precise evolution of the drone and position of the third parties if necessary  (Map/diagrams …);
  • Description of the aircraft (drone) used (document, photos …);
  • For the F1-C. case, download the technical file – document technique (S2) and send it to the email address :

Deadlines and recipients
Request to send at least 30 days before the date of the drone operations to the DSAC IR territorially competent (French DGAC authorities): 92 KBDSAC IR (French DGAC authorities) contacts list – 8 July 2016 (PDF file)

Use of drones and regulations in Europe

In Europe, the use of drones is only possible under certain conditions established by law. When you fly a drone, you become de facto users of the airspace. Airspace is a regulated space. To operate your drone, you must therefore obey the aviation rules applicable in the country. The use of a drone equipped with a camera or other sensor might be highly intrusive. You must always respect others privacy and personal data, complying to the applicable regulations. Finally, as operating a drone may represent safety risks, do not forget to comply with your insurance obligations. website propose you the european regulations, for drones, by countries, in different languages:

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French DGAC authorities contacts list - 8 July 2016 (PDF file)
Drones page regulations, in French, on the website of the French ministry in charge of transports (DGAC)
French Aeronautical Information Service website
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8 commentaires

  1. Steven 18 octobre 2018 at 23:36 - Reply

    Hi! Planning to visit Paris next week. Would it be possible for me to get authorization to fly (recreational) within a week? Thank you in advance.

    • Denis JEANT
      Denis JEANT 22 octobre 2018 at 02:34 - Reply

      Hi Steven,
      It’s forbiden to fly with a drone in Paris. Only the professional drones operators declared to the French regulatory authority (DGAC) which depends on the French ministry of Transport can do so. Today it is an offense punishable by the court to fly to Paris for leisure or as a professional operator without declaration and authorization … And even for professional drones operators declared to the authority it is far from simple. They must make a statement to the Paris police headquarters, with guarantees in terms of security and safety.
      I do not recommend doing this to avoid problems.
      For example, you can fly into the Generali captive balloon located at André Citroën park in Paris (15th district) to take pictures at 150 meters above land level to see Paris from the sky 😉 Flights schedule is from 9 am until 30 minutes before the closing of the André Citroën park. Price: Adult: € 12; children 3-11 years: 6 €; children under 3 years: free. It is best to contact the organizers of balloon flights before:
      Ballon Generali, Parc André Citroën, 75015 Paris, Office Phone: +33 1 44 26 20 00,,
      You can also climb to the top of the Montparnasse tower and the Effeil tower in Paris, to take pictures from high points accessible as pedestrians.
      If you are too addicting drone piloting, you can also fly in an indoor drone space in Paris. It is authorized, because the French aerial regulations do not apply for inside a closed place. You can do it in this closed and adapted place to pilot a drone indoor:
      Drone indoor, 9 avenue de la Porte de Choisy, Paris (13th discrit), Cell. Phone: +33 6 29 86 23 79,,
      To book a session of FPV flights with drones:
      Have a nice trip at Paris and in France,

  2. Terry 15 août 2018 at 14:45 - Reply


    Apologises for writing in English but my French is poor (despite trying to learn it every week !).

    I live in the Charente (16) and I have flown drones for a while. I got my CA license in the UK for flying drones a couple of years ago which I was led to believe is a world wide authority.

    I have liability insurance, I have telephone number written on the drones etc., but now the new laws are coming in, I am struggling to find out where/how to register the drones as I would like to be legal.

    Do you have any idea’s ? I did try to follow the link above but struggling to find the information.

    Thanks in advance

    • Denis JEANT
      Denis JEANT 20 août 2018 at 03:17 - Reply

      Hello Terry,
      No problem. I understand well.
      First, should I be told if aerial photography or video is strictly personal or to broadcast more widely and possibly make commercial use of it ?
      In the second case, we are in the professional field called “Activités particulières” (special activities in English) and need to be declared as professional drones operator and pilot to the French regulation authority which is the DGAC (depends on the French Ministry of Transport).

      You can try to translate with Google translate tool, in English, an article that I updated in French on my blog and which speaks of the new education for professional drones pilots in application since July 1st, 2018 at this address:

      I quote and translate the part that interests us:

      Foreign professional drones operators who want to settle in France ?
      According to Article 10 of 18 May 2018 Decree, any national of a Member State of the European Union or a State Party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) whose knowledge, skills and abilities skills acquired through training, work experience and lifelong learning, make it possible to exercise drone pilot activity in France in this scenario by ensuring the safety of third parties on the ground and in flight. obtain recognition to meet the requirements for one of Scenarios S-1 to S-4, (Flight configurations according to the context) by submitting an application for recognition to the French Minister of Civil Aviation (DGAC authority) provided that:

      Possess the certificate of competency or the title of training required to carry out the drone pilot activity, in the framework of activities corresponding to this scenario in one of those states which regulates the profession; or
      Have conducted the activity of remote pilot in the context of activities corresponding to this scenario, full-time for one year or part-time for a total period equivalent during the previous ten years in one or more of those states that do not regulate the profession.
      On the other hand, according to Article 102 of 18 May 2018 Decree , when the knowledge, skills and competences acquired through training, work experience and lifelong learning are substantially different in terms of content. the objectives of knowledge and skills to be attained in order to exercise drone pilot activity in France in the context of the scenario or scenarios considered, the Minister in charge of civil aviation shall take the duly justified decision to impose on the applicant:

      • an adaptation period or an aptitude test in the case of an installation in France;
      • an aptitude test in the case of a service provision in France.

      The minister in charge of civil aviation notifies his decision within a maximum of 4 months from the filing of the complete file. The modalities of the adaptation period and its evaluation as well as the modalities of the aptitude test are defined by the minister responsible for civil aviation. The choice between the adaptation course or the aptitude test is left to the applicant in the case of an installation in France.
      If there is doubt as to the applicant’s sufficient level of French language knowledge with respect to telepilote activities, the Minister responsible for civil aviation imposes a control of French language skills.
      The minister responsible for civil aviation authorizes partial access on a case-by-case basis. Partial access may be denied for security reasons.

      For more informations, please, get in touch with the DSAC/SO authority in your “Nouvelle-Aquitaine” district at this email address:

      Informations in French, by French DGAC authority, for recreation drones in France are at this address:

      Informations in French, by French DGAC authority, for professional UAVs operators or pilots in France are at this address:

      I hope that I respond to your expectations by helping you on the subject ?

      Have good flights

  3. polly 13 juillet 2018 at 07:03 - Reply

    Where can I apply the drone permit?
    I am from Hong Kong and I would like to fly the drone in Attrap’Rêves
    Allauch. That is not for the business ,just for the hobbits and public
    on youtube.

    • Denis JEANT
      Denis JEANT 13 juillet 2018 at 21:12 - Reply

      Today there is no permit or licence to fly with a drone for recreational use, but you will need one from next September 2018, beyond 800 grams (1,7637 lbs), however, you must respect the French aerial regulations about drones and in particular do not fly in cities or towns, beachs, close to airports, heliports, roads, highways, prisons, military zones … It is important to find out about aeronautical informations because there are temporary restricted aerial areas or temporary prohibited aerial areas, or temporary danger areas (ZRT, ZIT, ZDT …).
      French aeronautical information in english:
      If it’s for a professional use and public use like Youtuber or others business, you need to be professional drone pilot with a licence and permit to take pictures & videos
      Have good flights

      • chris 1 septembre 2018 at 18:00 - Reply

        so I can’t fly on beaches? even if on the map it shows you can? i’m confused…

        • Denis JEANT
          Denis JEANT 1 septembre 2018 at 23:31 - Reply

          Hello Chris,
          That depends the place, the number of people on the beach, your status (leisure or professional drone operator declared to the French DGAC authorities) and authorizations. For example, I live in an island (Belle-ile-en-mer) off Quiberon harbor, in French South Brittany, Morbihan (56). It’s forbiden to fly with a drone on the Atlantic sea, where I live for leisure (red aerial zone). As professional drone operator declared to the French DGAC authorities (French ministry of transport) and following a strict protocol, after authorization from the French Naval Air Authorities and DGAC (to practice aerial captures with camera), and with professional aviation liability insurance (insurance cover of at least 1 million euros), I can fly with my drone in this dangerous air zone (LF-D18A) where military aircraft (Falcon 50M, Atlantic II, helicopters..) regularly fly for surveillance and rescue at sea.
          If you consult this official aerial map on the restrictions of flights for leisure drones, you will find that with rare exceptions, all the Atlantic aerial zone is in red on the aerial map. It’s forbiden to fly over with leisure drones for the same reason or as professional without authorization from French Naval Air Authorities:

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